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PG&E’s 2021 Water Conservation Showcase, April 6 “Trends in Water Use, Efficiency Technologies and Conservation” Webinar with Amy Vickers

PG&E’s annual conference brings together water and sustainability experts to address water concerns in California and across the nation. The conference organizing team includes the PG&E Pacific Energy Center, US Green Building Council Northern California, East Bay Municipal Utility District, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the City of San Jose’s Water Resources Division, and the Committee on the Environment from the local American Institute of Architects chapter.

“Water Conservation and Efficiency Online Training Course for Professionals: Introduction To Water Conservation Program Planning, Part 1 and 2.”

This two-part webinar course presented by Amy Vickers and sponsored by the Alliance for Water Efficiency provided an overview of the planning steps for a successful water conservation program, based in part on Vickers’s widely referenced Handbook of Water Use and Conservation and other planning sources. (September 9 & 17, 2020)

2018 RIPPLE Award (AWWA)

The 2018 RIPPLE Award was presented to Amy Vickers “to recognize her creativity, initiative, and dedication to the work” of the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) Water Conservation Division.

Forecast 2025-Vickers (WSI oct15)Far beyond experimental but not widely reported, weather modification today is anchored not only in science but is an ever-growing practice, both here in the United States and a number of countries worldwide. From agricultural operations and ski resorts to water suppliers, the increasing application of weather modification tools to generate rain and other forms of precipitation has multiple environmental, economic, and policy implications. Amy’s presentation at the 2015 WaterSmart conference provided an overview of the history and science of weather modification, the scope of “rainmaking” today, and its future implications for water supplies and demand, among other issues. Learn more and download the presentation at WaterSmart Innovations.